Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Autism Awareness Day at the State House - SIGN THE PETITION!

We need your help!

Deep cuts in Family Support Funds, Autism Division Funds and the DESE/DMR program are proposed in the State budget for the coming year. These are the funds that provide critical services to families like respite and flexible funding for supports in your homes, and fund the Autism Support Centers and the programs they run. Advocates for Autism of Massachusetts (AFAM) will be presenting a petition to key legislators on Autism Awareness Day, April 28th, asking them to restore these funds to the levels at which they were funded in last year's budget before the cuts began. Add your name to the petition even if you cannot come to the State House that morning. Just email (lisa@flutiefoundation.org) a list back to us with the names of your family members (those with ASD, siblings, parents, grandparents) who will be impacted by these cuts, and the city or town where they live, and we'll add their names to the petition. If you'd like, email a photo of your family member and we'll copy it and include it with the petition so that our legislators can see the faces of the folks who will feel the impact of these budget cuts.

Help us send a powerful message on Autism Awareness Day that we need to restore these funds for critical services. Thank you!

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